Photography & Video:

They provide their services for each MwoB concert that takes place. Providing us with photos each night and at times.
Please take some time to check out their website, Facebook and YouTube pages and support them in any way possible.
In the Press:

The April 4, 2013 edition of the Herald Times Reporter Weekend section!! You can read the full article by clicking on the picture below or clicking here.
Emily Deem of Fox 11 WLUK's Good Day Wisconsin was in town Tuesday April 30th at Gallery 3. She was reporting on the up coming Iron Pour Festival of Arts taking place on Saturday May 4th. We has a small portion of the 3rd live segment, you can view the interviews and read the story by clicking the picture below or clicking here.

Event Posters:
We are pleased to announce we have added the very talented local Manitowoc artist Cheyenne Smith to our small but slowly growing MwoB family. Cheyenne will be creating our 2013 event posters, her first design will be for the January 18th event featuring Chris Darby. We are really looking forward to working with her throughout the year.
* All 2012 posters created by Kevin Harris with the exception of the Independant Chicago Songwriter Tour, which was provided by Chris Darby.
* All 2013 Event Posters between January 18th and June 6th were done by Cheyenne Smith with the exception of the Frist Fridays posters (by Kevin Harris) and the Iron Pour Festival of Arts (by Gallery 3)
** All posters from 6/15 and beyond are done by Kevin Harris with the exception of...
June 28th - Ryan Fuller
August 9th/10th - Cory Ripley
October 25th - Chris Darby



 * All 2014 posters are done by Kevin Harris with the exception of...
January 9th - Ryan Fuller
January 30th - Cody Diekoff / Kevin Harris
February 8th(B) - Eric Cox
April 26th - Chris Darby
June 6th - Travis Grahn