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We would like to thank our major sponsors. Without you we would not be able to keep this series alive!
We would also like to thank each and every one of you who has donated to us in some way.
John Statz
Brian & Darla Powell
Cheyenne Smith
Jim & Liz Lemieux
Eric Cox
Steve Spalding
Al & Lynn Rezachek
Charlie Cheney
If you are of fan of the Music Without Boundaries Concert Series and have attended in the past, please consider making a donation to the series. If you have or know of a compnay that is interested in sponsoring, please let us know. We do the best that we can with the money that we can afford to put into it from our own funds which basically covers flyers, posters, etc...but any help is much appreciated and it will 100% go back into the series & to the artists. All donors/sponsors will be listed on the back page of our event handbills, that will be distributed to each person in attendance. We're looking to upgrade our lighting, supplying sound/pa at some point and would love to have a fund for being able to take care of the performers monetarily. Any "ins" with newspaper and radio would be great as well. The more advertising the better so please please share this page and do whatever you can to spread the word about us. We would really like to keep this series going and put the best product we can out there for everyone to enjoy!!
If you are in any way interested in helping us out by donating, sponsoring, etc... please email Kevin Harris of Music Without Boundaries.
Thank You ALL for your support!!